Son of a Legend:Reincarnated

by Kid Rob

At first glance, many may not recognize the new secret weapon from the West Coast. Los Angeles native Kid Rob illustrates for listeners the experience of his rebirth. Son of late comedian Robin Harris (most known for his comedy routine Bebe’s Kids), Kid Rob delivers his first musical project under his own imprint AOE Global. Son of a Legend: Reincarnated is filled with a smooth sound; with production from Grammy-nominated producer Jairus Mozee, and rising producers BeatsMadeByFresh, Chris Ayler, Union, and A1Fly. He shines on "Destiny," "Shawty Wanna Ride," and "Angel" featuring Canadian-singer Christina Cardella in which his versatility as an artist is shown. The son of a legend delivers with a unique sound and a story for the world to hear. Son of a Legend: Reincarnated is now available on iTunes, hardcopies available at, and available for streaming on Apple Music, Spotify, and Soundcloud.